Drink Recipes

We have hundreds of drink recipes that would cause the page to load slow if we tried putting them in a single list. We’ve broken the recipes down by letter.

It’s critical to remember that most recipes have multiple variations. The Alabama Slammer served in Alabama isn’t the same as the drink served in Northern states. At some bars the Long Island Iced Tea contains 4 liquors. In other bars it contains 6. In many areas, a Long Island Iced Tea that contains tequila is called a Texas Iced Tea. Even if you’ve been tending bar for 50 years, you should always check with your employer or supervisor to determine the exact recipes being used in your locale.

If you’re just learning bartending, be sure to spend some time studying the drinks recipes in these lessons. They are the most commonly ordered drinks. If you choose to pursue our certificate of completion program, 75% of the questions on the test are related to the drink recipes in our lists.

It’s important to remember that almost all bars have their own recipes. More to the point, they have their own cost-saving methods. Instead of using the good stuff, they normally know which cheaper liquors they can get away with serving. Some specialty liquors are outrageously expensive and you might have only one customer ask for it. If you have to substitute a required liquor, it’s best to inform the customer before you make the drink. Simply let the customer know you don’t have a specific liquor and ask if it would be okay to substitute another. Most of the time the customer won’t object. Asking ahead of time might save you from having disgruntled customer who never returns.


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