Drinks Beginning With K

Kalisto Comet
2 oz (60 mL) vodka, 2 oz (60 mL) Baileys, 1 oz (30 mL) coconut oil, 2 grams of crushed mint or peppermint, plenty of ice to top up glass. 
1½ oz (45 mL) vodka, 1 oz (30 mL) triple sec, 1 oz (30 mL) lime juice.
Stir all the ingredients with ice. Strain into a chilled tumbler filled with ice. Garnish with a lime twist.
Kentucky Joe
2 ½ oz (75 mL) Maker’s Mark, ½ oz (15 mL) Kahlúa. Pour ingredients into rocks glass. Add ice and stir. The choice of Maker’s Mark in this recipe is important. Other bourbons do not work well unless they are also Wheaters. 
Kir Royale
100 mL champagne, 20 mL creme de cassis.
Put creme de cassis in the champagne glass and pour the champagne in the glass. Stir until the color is pale. Serve cold.

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