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Few people remain at the same job their entire lives. Some switch jobs more often than others. There’s definitely nothing wrong with changing jobs, especially if you feel like you’ve come to the end of your career path. The most difficult obstacles you might have to overcome are that dreaded fear of the unknown and not knowing how to actually perform the new job.

The best way to prepare for a career change is to learn as much as possible about the new employment. If you’re considering a new career in accounting, you could pick up a copy of Accounting For Dummies. An even more effective method would be to take as many courses as possible.

The Career & Job courses below might help prepare you for a new career. Or you could be looking for a new hobby. Some people just love to learn new subjects and are constantly expanding the internal database known as the human mind.

Advanced Digital Photography Course

Advanced Tourism and Hospitality Management

Auto Repair Course – Preventive Maintenance

Auto Service Technician: NSDC Course

Bartending Basics Course

Basic First Aid Course

Basics of Digital Photography Course

Basics of Electrical Technology Course

Beginner Digital Photography Course

Carpentry Course – Introduction to Construction Methods

Carpentry Course – Introduction to Formwork and Joinery

Carpentry Studies Course

Chasing your Dream: How to End Procrastination and Get a Job You Love

Computer Repair and Assembly Course

Cooking Course – Let’s Get Started

Customer Service Course

Developing Career Resilience

Developing Your Job Search Skills

Developing Your Skills as an HR Professional

Electrical Studies Course

Fashion Design Course

Food & Beverage Steward Course

Food Safety Course

Food Safety and Hygiene in the Catering Industry

Food Safety Knowledge – Basic Level Requirements

Food Safety Training – Safe Practices and Procedures

Home Maintenance – Home Inspection Course

Hospitality Management Course

Hospitality Management Course – Health and Safety in Food Service

Hospitality Management Studies – Food and Beverage Services

Hospitality Management with English Language Studies

How to Plan Your Career Path

Interior Design Course – Cabinets & Countertops

Interior Design Course – Children’s Rooms

Interior Design Course – Color

Interior Design Course – Color Trends & Schemes

Interior Design Course – Decorating Styles

Interior Design Course – Dining Room Design & Decor

Interior Design Course – Home Offices

Interior Design Course – Kitchen Design & Decor

Interior Design Course – Planning & Designing a New Home

Interior Design Course – Master Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Intermediate Digital Photography Course

International Tourism with English Language Studies

Interviewing Skills Course

Introduction to Basic Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment

Introduction to Carpentry Course

Introduction to Digital Photography Course

Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems Course

Introduction to Growing Organic Food Sustainably

Introduction to Hospitality Management Studies

Introduction to Masonry Course

Introduction to Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)

Introduction to Plumbing Course

Introduction to Plumbing Course – Pipes and Fixtures

Introduction to Plumbing Course – Tools and Drawings

Introduction to Running Pipe in Oil and Gas Wells

Introduction to Steel Course

Introduction to the Electrical Trade Course

Job Search Skills – Preparing Your Résumé and Cover Letter

Machining Technician – Lathe: NSDC Course

Maintaining and Servicing Home Appliances Course

Plumbing Studies Course

Resume Writing Course

Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills

Touch Typing Training Course

Tourism – Introduction to Retail Travel Sales

Tourism – Introduction to Travel Patterns and Destinations

Tourism – Marketing and Promotion

Tourism Industry – Sectors and Career Development

Tourism Studies Course

Translation as a Career

Travel & Tourism Course

Understanding Drainage and Water Distribution Systems

Unlocking Your Employability

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