Cooking Course – Let’s Get Started

Before you can cook you must prepare. This course teaches basic kitchen organization, outlines the most common cooking utensils that every cook must have, and covers the staples you must have in your cabinet, refrigerator, and freezer. You will also become familiar with every appliance in your kitchen, large and small.

This course is not for someone who already spends half his or her life slaving over a hot stove. It is a basic introduction to the kitchen and all its wonders. The course might appear to be overly simplistic, but it seems like nowadays no one knows how to cook. When frying eggs do you turn the heat on low, medium, or high? What’s the most common oven temperature for baking? What is the best small appliance in which to make a smoothie?

In this course we also cover elementary Kitchen Safety. Knowing how to properly use a knife will avoid a lot of cut fingertips. Using the wrong type of knife could be disastrous if you don’t apply the right amount of pressure. Speaking of pressure, do you own a pressure cooker? If not, you might want to purchase one soon. They’re much faster than a Crock Pot and definitely make food taste better than nuking it the microwave.

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