Organize Your Workspaces

Per popular request we’ll soon be adding a course on Organization Skills. The busier society becomes, the less organized some people become. Organizing your kitchen is a must. You’ll understand soon enough. You might be cooking scrambled eggs. Simple enough, right? Grab the eggs, a whisk, and a bowl. You place the bowl on the counter where there’s barely enough room and the bowl hangs over the edge of the counter. You crack one egg into the bowl and it falls off the edge of the counter. There wasn’t enough room on the counter to begin with!

Organize your cooking space. We’re not suggesting that you need to organize your entire kitchen, although it would probably be a good idea. Organize your cooking space. You need ample counter space to prepare the food. Move the coffee cups off the counter. Kitchen counters are clutter magnets. Do you have mail and sales flyers on the counter? Move them somewhere else! The kitchen counter must have enough room for you to prepare the meal.

Place the ingredients for your meal on the counter. Trust us. In order to remain relaxed, it’s best to gather all of the ingredients ahead of time. Otherwise you’ll be running to the refrigerator several times to retrieve the butter, then the milk, and finally an egg. If your spices are in a cabinet you’ll make multiple trips for the flour, and the baking powder, and the coconut, or whatever other ingredients are in the recipe. Gather up all of the required ingredients before you start preparing the meal.

Make sure you have ample lighting to cook. Dim light might make 1T look like 1t. Some recipes will be ruined if you add 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar when you needed 1 teaspoon.  Don’t be cheap with the electricity. Turn on as many lights as you need to see the recipe and properly prepare it.

While you’re at it, organize your cabinet, cupboard, pantry, or wherever you store the cooking supplies. There’s nothing more time consuming than searching through three cabinets to find the flour. Why isn’t it with the other spices? Flour obviously isn’t a spice, but it makes complete sense to store all cooking supplies together. This includes the sugar, salt, flour, vegetable oils, and flour. A little organization goes a long, long way.

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