Small Appliances

Most small kitchen appliances don’t need to be explained. We’re not suggesting that you need them all. We’ll list the most common small appliances to plant a seed in your thought process. Perhaps one day you’ll begin to wonder if the blender is really the best appliance in which to make a smoothie.

Blenders – Blenders can cost anywhere from $20 to $300. Some have 3 speeds while others have over 30. If you like milk shakes, smoothies, or energy drinks, chances are you already own at least one blender. There are also hand blenders, which most people consider to be mixers. The most common type is called an immersion blender.

Food Processors – These are great for slicing, dicing, shredding, pureeing, or otherwise processing just about anything.

Mixers – There are hand mixers, stand mixers, and hand-held mixers. Each servers a particular purpose. Most people buy hand mixers, but if you do a lot of baking you’ll soon realize the value of a stand mixer. The mixer will do all the work without you having to stand there like you would with a hand mixer.

Pressure Cookers – Pressure cookers have come a long way. Most people over 40 have vivid memories of the pressure cooking jiggling in the kitchen. Pressure cookers are the opposite of slow cookers. You can pressure cook a entire dinner in under 20 minutes.

Slow Cookers (or Crock Pots) – These are a staple in most busy homes. Load the slow cooker before you head to work, and dinner will be ready when you return home.

Toasters – This is a pretty obvious appliance. If you love bagels, make sure to buy a toaster with extra wide slots made for bagels and other thick toastables.

Toaster Ovens – Most people don’t own toaster ovens nowadays. These are very useful for heating small foods that just don’t cook right in the microwave and require a lot less electricity than firing up the oven.

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