None of the utensils we’re going to mention need introduction or explanation. The more you enjoy cooking, the more you’ll be looking for these utensils to complement your kitchen. Try beating scrambled eggs with a fork to learn how valuable a whisk is!

Citrus Juicer

Cheese Grater

Colander (some people wrongly call this a sieve)

Cutting Boards


Kitchen Shears (not $2 scissors from the dollar store)

Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons

Meat Thermometer (digital is the most accurate)

Oven Thermometer

Pastry Brush

Pepper Mill or Grinder

Pie Server

Potato Masher

Spatulas (Wooden and Silicone)

Steamer Pot With Basket

Timer (for perfect hard boiled eggs)

Turkey Baster

Vegetable and Fruit Peeler

Whisks (or Whips, whichever name is common in your area)

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