Basics of Digital Photography Course

Course Level: Beginner

With the increasing popularity of digital cameras, online photography courses have become one of the top searched subjects on the internet. Before you begin our Basics of Digital Photography course, we’d like to make sure you’ve done your homework. Read the owner’s manual that came with your camera. You won’t understand the lessons on f-stops or shutter speeds unless you know how to set them on your camera. The owner’s manual is your bible.

The lessons presented in our online photography course will help you step outside the box. Many beginning photographers use the Auto mode, which is fine. It will help you take decent pictures. You’re obviously looking for something more. To take awesome pictures, you have to dig deeper and use the manual settings. This online photography course will help you understand aperture settings, shutter speeds, focal point, focal lengths, lenses, depth of field, and much more.

You should complete the lessons in our online photography course in the order in which they are presented. It would be futile for us to suggest that you increase the aperture setting if you haven’t yet read the course on apertures. By the time you’ve completed the lessons, you should have a solid understanding of your camera and how to manually adjust the settings.

We can’t mention cameras without discussing smartphones. This course has nothing to do with the cameras found on smartphones. Phone cameras have very limited settings. It doesn’t matter how many updates Samsung or Apple make to their phones, they’ll NEVER match the quality of pictures taken with a good DSLR came. Phone cameras don’t allow you to manually adjust the shutter speed or aperture. This lesson will not help you take better pictures with your phone. Our lessons discuss the functionality of professional digital cameras.

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