Advanced Tourism and Hospitality Management

Course Level 3: Advanced

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Estimated Study Time: 15-20 hours

Offered by: Alison

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The first part of the course introduces you to the formation of the tourist industry as well as outlining its sectors and employment opportunities. The next sections of the course explains the needs of both business and pleasure travelers and how tourism businesses/destinations can market themselves effectively. You will then learn how the travel industry packages and sells tourism products through retail and online channels.

The next section of the course introduces you to the nature of hospitality, in particular the relationship between the hospitality sector and tourism. You will learn about the various types of accommodation and the different types of hotel guests and their requests. Next you will learn about hotel management and the organization of hotel departments and their functions, such as the key duties of the front office department and housekeeping department.

The course also covers food and beverage services and you will learn about restaurant operations planning, the organization of the kitchen, menu objectives and planning, table setting and restaurant design and layout. Finally, you will learn about the food handling process and the importance of personal hygiene for catering practitioners.

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