Bartending Basics Course

Course Level: Beginner

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Time To Complete: 8 – 10 hours

Welcome to our Bartending Basics Course!

Course includes 350 drink recipes!

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This course teaches the basics of bartending including proper bar management, drink tips and recipes, and public safety in relation to alcohol consumption. Included are an efficient bar layout, equipment, drinkware, utensils, and other tools of the trade. It also includes information on the various types of alcohol, mixers, and garnishes used to make cocktails and other mixed drinks. Our drink recipe library also is quite extensive, with both historical and very modern cocktails included.

Although the terms “bar”, “bartender”, and “bartending” are used throughout this course, that is just for simplicity. A bar in this course includes a public house, pub, nightclub, tavern, meeting place, fraternal organization, hotel, restaurant, private home, or any other place that serves alcoholic beverages. A bartender is a person in the bar preparing drinks for people, which is not necessarily the same person who serves the drinks. Bartending refers to the many tasks a bartender performs and the duties expected of the bartender; it also refers to the industry in which bartenders work.

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