Most poisonings occur at home. Some household chemicals have a sweet smell and color that entice toddlers. Other accidental poisonings include prescription medications, vitamins, and dietary supplements. While those Flintstone gummy vitamins might be good for a kid’s health, they can be hazardous if the child eats the entire bottle.
Other poisonings occur outdoors. Most are not fatal but they’re definitely bothersome. Ask anyone who had Poison Ivy in places they’re rather not discuss! In this lesson we’ve included the most common types of poisoning, both by ingestion and contact.
In your First Aid kit, be sure to keep the phone number for your local poison control center.  If your area doesn’t have a local poison control center, call the American Association of Control Centers. The phone number is 1-800-222-1222. It’s a number worth remembering.

We also offer a free certificate of completion. To receive the certificate you must pass a 50-question test with a score of 70 or higher. Check our Basic First Aid Certificate of Completion page for more information.

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