Pre-College English

Course Title: Pre-College English

Number of Units: 5

Course Level 1: Beginner

Estimated Study Time: 30 hours

Offered by: Saylor Academy

Effective writing skills are necessary for success in college and in your future career. This course is designed to improve your writing ability, which is necessary for entrance into higher level classes.  Pre-College English classwork focuses on active reading and analytic writing, with emphasis on organization, unity, coherence, and development. It also includes an introduction to the expository essay and a review of the rules and conventions of standard written English.

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Active Reading
1.1: Active Reading
1.2: The Main Idea
1.3: Sentences
1.4: Prewriting
1.5: Active Reading Practice

Unit 2: Combining Ideas
2.1: Developing Relationships Between Ideas
2.2: Grammar Practice
2.3: Thesis Statements
2.4: Outlines
2.5: Active Reading Practice

Unit 3: Making Inferences
3.1: Making Inferences
3.2: Grammar Practice
3.3: Active Reading Practice

Unit 4: Transitions and Summarization
4.1: Transitions
4.2: Summarization
4.3: Avoiding Plagiarism
4.4: Grammar Practice
4.5: Active Reading Practice

Unit 5: Introductions and Conclusions
5.1: Beginning and Ending an Essay
5.2: Types of Essays
5.3: Revision
5.4: Active Reading Practice
5.5: Essay Writing Activity

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