Security and Surveillance Systems

You know your home security or surveillance system better than anyone. At least you should! If you’re a technology geek, step back for a second and consider this. Technology is only as good as the person who created it or installed it. It’s entirely possible the system is fine when half the system isn’t even working.

The best way to inspect your security or surveillance system is when it’s armed. If you use a national security monitoring company, call and let them know you’re going to be testing your system. Leave one your windows unlocked then arm the system. Lift the window to see if the alarm goes off. Test every window and door in your home!  What if the system installer forgot to hook up a single wire? You’ll find out once you test every window and door.

The above full-system check doesn’t need to be done constantly. You should, however, check every single window and door at least once. If you have the free time, test the entire system once a month. Burglars are tech-savvy. If they know the type of security system you have, chances are they can find an operating manual and will learn how to disable it or circumvent the entire system. Notice where your security or surveillance system is located. Is the main box inside the house or outside? God forbid if it’s located outside. Call the installer immediately and demand that they move the control box somewhere inside. Otherwise anyone who looks at the control panel will know exactly which type of system you have.

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