Kitchen Inspection

Kitchens were once the hub of all home activity. It wasn’t unusual to find mom, grandma, sis, and auntie huddled over the counter, working on their secret family recipe. Today, more and more families are ordering take out or dining in restaurants. Nevertheless, as the homeowner you should always keep an eye on the kitchen when inspecting your house.

Check kitchen cabinets for loose knobs or pulls. Sometimes you can tighten them with a screwdriver. Check the cabinet door hinges to make sure there aren’t any loose screws or bolts. It would be rather embarrassing to have a cabinet door fall off while you were entertaining your boss or co-worker for dinner.

The appliances require more attention and maintenance than any other component in the kitchen. You might’ve purchased the 20-year warranty on your refrigerator but it won’t cover neglect if you don’t remember to clean the air vents or check the drain pan. In particular, check behind and under your stove and refrigerator. Yes, the areas where no man has boldly gone before. You’ll be amazed how much junk collects under the stove. The refrigerator has a fan to cool the motor. It also sucks in dirt, dust, pet dander, and all kinds of other wonderful stuff.

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