Introduction to Business and Travel English Language Skills

Course Level 1: Introductory

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Estimated Study Time: 1-2 hours

Offered by: Alison

Business and travel English language skills are in great demand around the world as more and more businesses and organizations conduct their international business operations through the medium of the English language. In this course you will be introduced to conversational vocabulary and dialogues that will help you learn English language skills in the areas of business and travel.

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You will listen to dialogues about job interviews and how to ask and answer interview questions in English. You will also learn important and useful vocabulary when making business telephone calls. You will learn about the importance of small talk when initiating and forming business relationships and how to differentiate between colloquial and formal English.

In this course you will also learn how to reserve a hotel room, book a table in a restaurant and use different modes of transport when travelling.

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