Geometry Course

Course Level 1: Introductory

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Estimated Study Time: 40+ hours

Course Number: RWM103

Offered by: Saylor Academy

The following excerpt is from Saylor Academy’s course listing:

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In geometry, we study the rules of the spaces and objects in our world. Geometry allows us to make accurate predictions about the sizes of triangles, circles, and rectangles, which lets us calculate, design, and build. Geometry helps architects design studios, farmers buy the right amount of seeds for their land, engineers build houses, and pilots calculate the amount of time they need to fly to reach another city. We use geometry to calculate how much paint we need to buy to cover a wall and the exact angle we should use to launch a rocket to hit a distant target.

In this course, we also study the relationships that exist between lines and angles. Urban planners study lines and angles to efficiently arrange houses, buildings, roads, and highways. Our street maps, water supply, and electrical connections all depend on these precise geometric calculations. How much space is inside a three-dimensional object? You may not realize you are using principles of geometry when you are getting ready for a trip and you need to calculate how to fit two adults, three kids, four suitcases, and a dog into your car.

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