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An Administrative Assistant is an individual who provides various types  of administrative support to people and groups in business enterprises. The term “administrative assistant” can be a formal title, or it can be a general description of an employee’s function in an office. Depending on the kind of work the person does, there are many variations of job descriptions that fall under this role:

Employees with the title of Administrative Assistant generally provide support to specific departments or teams within a company, such as Human Resources, Accounting, Development, Sales, or Marketing. In small companies, a single administrative assistant can potentially provide support for everyone in the office.

Secretaries or Executive Assistants provide support to individual  company executives or small groups of executives. Their responsibilities often include handling more private or sensitive corporate and personal information than other employees would handle.

The main job of a Receptionist is to answer the telephone and take messages for an office or a department. A receptionist would also greet visitors to the office.

Project Assistants provide support to specific projects within in a company. Rather than assist a specific person or group, the individual would assist anyone working on the specific project.

Personal Assistants provide support for a specific individual, and their responsibilities often include taking care of non-office related tasks, such as running personal errands.

Clerks often provide office support that is confined to one or two specific tasks, such as filing or data entry.

Accounting Assistants provide support to a company’s finance, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable departments. Employees in these positions tend to have more specialized knowledge of accounting and finance.

Production Assistants provide support for people and groups in film and television production.

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