English Grammar – Comparisons & Word Order

Course Level 2: Intermediate

Estimated Study Time: 1-2 hours

Offered by: Alison

In this course you will learn about word order and comparative forms; using suffixes for one syllable and two syllable words; using the form ‘more + adjective’; using ‘more’ with adverbs such as: quietly, slowly etc., to describe actions. 

In this course you will study presentations, listen to native speakers and complete test questions to help you learn. This course will be of interest to learners who want to improve their English grammar, listening and speaking skills.

The course explains how, in English, we use certain words and phrases in comparative forms to emphasize the extent or level of something, and we repeat comparatives to emphasize and exaggerate points. We also use ‘the’ with comparative words and phrases, especially for zero conditional statements and idioms. In English, the object normally follows the verb in sentences. ‘Place’ usually comes after the verb and if the verb has an object, ‘place’ comes after the verb and the object.

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