English Course – Information in the Present

Course Level 2: Intermediate

Estimated Study Time: 1-2 hours

Offered by: Alison

In this course you will learn about Collocations and how they are used. You will study common verb-noun phrases. You will learn tips on how to improve your vocabulary. You will complete test questions and listen to native speakers. You will learn how to use verbs such as ‘do’ and ‘like’ in positive and negative sentences. You will study different functions in the Present. You will learn to ask questions and give answers correctly.

Also included in this course is a section on vocabulary, phrases and sentences related to daily habits where you will see how conjunctions are used. In addition you will learn what suffixes to use in Present simple positive and negative statements using the pronouns he, she and it. In topic four, you will learn how to say different times properly in English and you will listen to a telephone conversation between a customer and a travel agent. You will learn useful words and phrases about information – asking and receiving. In addition you will learn how to use verbs and prepositions.

Finally in this course, you will learn how to talk about things you like and don’t like doing. You will study useful words and phrases using different persons. You will read and listen to information about other people and use auxiliary verbs and negatives.

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