Embracing Diversity and English Language Development (ELD) in Your Program

Offered by: UMass Boston through OpenCourseWare

Course Level: Intermediate

Estimated Time To Complete: 10 Hours

This course for Administrators provides knowledge and skills in supporting diverse families and enhancing English Language Development (ELD) across expressive and receptive language domains for school-age children who are English Language Learners (ELL) or have other learning and language barriers. Administrators learn about  key standards and best practices and explore strategies to implement improved practice, creating a shift in policies and programmatic culture to embrace and support diverse learners, welcoming non-native English speaking families and enhancing the ELD progress of students who are learners of English.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand Standards and Best Practices: ELL and special learners in QRIS, MA-CF for ELA, WIDA Standards, key assessment tools (SACERS, APT, Arnett, and CLASS) and Universal Design for Learning
  2. Develop learning and confidence-building activities and a staff motivation plan to help staff embrace key concepts and meet program improvement goals
  3. Describe how to create a programmatic culture shift to support ELL and special learners and enhance ELD support
  4. Align Program Improvement Plan (PIP), Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs), and Program Professional Development Plan (PPDP) to these key concepts and to QRIS requirements
  5. Measure success across key assessment tools and understand how to use data
  6. Craft a Program Improvement Plan strand for supporting English language learners and other diverse and special populations

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