Computer Programming & Languages Courses

3D Modeling for Virtual Reality Creation

Advanced CSS Concepts

Advanced Rapid Prototpying with Axure

Algorithms and Data Structures in C#

AngularJS: Advanced Framework Techniques

AngularJS: Framework Fundamentals

Asynchronous Programming in C# and .NET Core

Asynchronous Programming with Javascript

Build Better Websites with Chrome Developer Tools

Build Web APIs using ASP.NET

Building a Responsive User Interface with Bootstrap

C Programming – Fundamentals of Numbers, Variables and Arrays

C Programming – Statements and Logic

C Programming – Using Pointers, Constants and Strings

C# Programming – Coding with C# Classes and Methods

C# Programming – Coding with C# Syntax

C# Programming – Coding with Switch Statements, Collections and Events

C++ Programming – Advanced Features

Coding For Designers

CSS Basics

Data Access in C# and .NET Core

Data Science: R Basics

Data Structures and Software Design

Fundamentals of Perl Programming

HTML Hypertext Markup Language

HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals

HTML5 Apps and Games

HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Information Design and Visualization Fundamentals

Intermediate C++

Introduction to Angular 2

Introduction to AngularJS

Introduction to C Programming

Introduction to C#

Introduction to C# Programming

Introduction to C++

Introduction to Computer Databases

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Introduction to Computing using Python

Introduction to Design Thinking

Introduction to Device Programming

Introduction to Java Programming – Part 1

Introduction to Java Programming – Part 2

Introduction to Java Programming: Fundamental Data Structures and Algorithms

Introduction to Java Programming: Starting to Code in Java

Introduction to Java Programming: Writing Good Code

Introduction to Javascript

Introduction to jQuery

Introduction to New Features of HTML5

Introduction to Node.js

Introduction to NodeJS

Introduction to Programming with Python

Introduction to Python for Data Science

Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner

Introduction to Python: Creating Scalable, Robust, Interactive Code

Introduction to Python: Fundamentals

Introduction to R for Data Science

Introduction to ReactJS

Introduction to Responsive Design using Bootstrap

Introduction to Visual Basic

Introduction To XHTML Language

JavaScript – Working with the Document Object Model and jQuery Plugins

Javascript & jQuery Survival Guide

JavaScript and jQuery

JavaScript Application Programming

Javascript Foundations

JavaScript Introduction

jQuery Building Blocks

LAFF – On Programming for Correctness

Learn to Program in Java

Media Programming

Microsoft Azure App Service

MongoDB Basics

Natural Language Processing

Nature, in Code: Biology in JavaScript

Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Programming in C#

Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Principles of Computing With Python

Programming Basics

Programming Concepts with Python

Programming for Data Science

Programming for the Web with JavaScript

Programming in R for Data Science

Ruby on Rails CRUD App Development and TDD

Ruby on Rails for Web Application Development

Software Development Fundamentals

Software Testing – Black-box Strategies and White-box Testing

Software Testing – Condition Coverage and Mutation Testing Strategies

Software Testing – Testing Levels and Object-Oriented Program Testing

Statistics and R

Structuring and Organizing HTML5 Forms

Think. Create. Code

UX Fundamentals

Visual Basic – Working with Classes, Scope and Namespaces

Visual Basic – Working with Collections and Event-Driven Programming

Visual Basic – Working with Statements, Methods and Data Types

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