Arabic For Global Exchange

Offered by: Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative

Course Level 3: Advanced

Estimated Study Time: 10 hours

The Arabic For Global Exchange Course contains the following lessons:

Cultural content
Lesson 1 Diversity in the Arabic-Speaking World
Lesson 2 Historical Aspects of Islam
Lesson 3 Political Governance
Lesson 4 Family and Society
Lesson 5 America and the Arab World
Lesson 6 The Suk, the Ahwa, and a Bowl of Fresh Hummus

Linguistic content
Lesson 1 Greetings! Marhaba!
Lesson 2 Eating Out and Shopping
Lesson 3 Visit to a Home in the Arabic-Speaking World
Lesson 4 Traveling to an Arabic-Speaking Country
Lesson 5 Professional Meetings
Lesson 6 Common Expressions in Arabic

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