Survival and Disaster Kits

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A survival kit is normally associated with hiking or camping. For most practical purposes, your survival kit should contain items you need to survive overnight. If you’re traveling and get caught in an unexpected storm, the survival kit might well save your life.

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A disaster kit normally comes to mind when weathering a severe storm or power outage. A disaster kit should contain the necessities to survive for a minimum of three days. The disaster kit should contain the items necessary to survive a power outage, hurricane, blizzard, ice storm, tornado, or other natural disaster.

Survival and disaster kits should be checked at twice a year to make sure they’re fully stocked and don’t contain any expired items. It would be futile to grab your survival kit and discover that some of the items had expired four years ago.

aluminum foil (can be used for cooking or as a reflector)
bottled water (enough to cover your trip or other planned event)
emergency space blanket (coasted with reflective metallic surface)
fire starter block
first aid kit
flashlight (with spare batteries)
insect repellent
lighter (cigarette or fireplace lighter)
map (of the area in which you’re traveling or hiking)
mirror (small pocket mirror that can be used to help rescuers spot you)
multi-function tool (usually called a Swiss Army knife)
plastic sheet or tarp (can be used a temporary shelter)
radio (one that has a weather band)
resealable plastic bags (these have many uses)
survival knife
weather-proof matches (usually wooden matches sealed in watertight container)
whistle (metal or plastic)

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antibacterial hand wipes
baby supplies (diapers, bottles, formula, etc)
bottled water (3 day supply for each person the disaster kit is intended to cover)
can opener (manual, not electric)
cash (in a power outage, credit cards won’t work)
cookware (pots and pans)
eating utensils
first aid kit
food (canned, freeze dried, vacuum sealed)
paper towels or napkins
resealable storage bags (these work great for trash)
toilet paper
waterless hand sanitizer


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