How To Perform CPR on an Unconscious Child (Ages 1 – 8)

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These steps pertain only to an unconscious child, who is 1 to 8 years old. The steps vary slightly for victims of other ages. The chart below corresponds to the six steps we’ll outline.

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  1. Attempt to wake the child. If you can hear the victim breathing, you should not perform CPR.
  2. Begin chest compressions. Place the heel of your hand in the center of the victim’s chest (between the nipples.) Place your other hand on top of your first hand and interlock your fingers. Press down on the victim’s chest so it compresses at least 2″ or one third of the child’s body. Repeat the compressions at the rate of at least 100 compressions per minute. You can rapidly count 1, 2, 3, 4.Perform 30 chest compressions.
  3. Open the victim’s airway. Lift the person’s chin with one hand while pushing down on the forehead with the other hand. Pinch the nose shut with your fingers.
  4. Inhale and place your mouth over the victim’s mouth. Breath just hard enough to make the child’s chest rise. The breath should take about one second. Perform TWO rescue breaths (one second each.)
  5. Repeat the 30 chest compressions.
  6. Repeat the two rescue breaths.

If the victim begins breathing, stop CPR and monitor the person until help arrives.

If the victim does not begin breathing, continue performing CPR until help arrives. Perform 30 compressions, then two rescue breaths, and repeat.

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