How To Handle An Emergency

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The first thing to remember during any type of emergency is to REMAIN CALM. It’s not always easy to remain, especially if someone is bleeding or in dire need of medical attention, but you should at least try to not act hysterical.

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Determine whether or not you need to call 911. Obviously, not every emergency requires the assistance of trained medical professionals. ASSESSING the emergency is the first step. Is the situation a real emergency or just an incident in need of attention? If it’s a real emergency, ask someone else to call 911 while you perform first aid. If no one else is available, make the call yourself then turn your attention to the situation at hand.

Make sure the area is safe. Check around to make sure there are no obvious dangers such as live electrical lines, fires, or other hazardous conditions.

The following steps should be taken if appropriate:

Check for injuries involving the spinal cord, head, or neck

Perform CPR on the victim

Stop any bleeding

Check for medical ID tags or medications on the victim



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