Foundations of Real World Math

Course Level 1: Introductory

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Estimated Study Time: 40 hours

Course Number: RWM101

Offered by: Saylor Academy

The following excerpt is from Saylor Academy’s course listing:

We use math in our daily activities as part of almost every career you can imagine, from business to cooking, farming, or medicine. Many consider math the “universal language”, since people across the world use the same numbers, formulas, and equations to help them navigate their lives. In this course, we will study fundamental math concepts and how you can use them in your life.

For example, we use fractions when we make measurements, configure ratios, and calculate proportions. We use decimals and percentages in finance, measurement, and weight. In this course we also study how to represent data visually, such as with bar graphs, line graphs, or pie charts. Graphs and charts convey data quickly to an audience. We also explore how to interpret data to help you make sense of charts, like those that outline interest rates, so you can calculate how much money you will need to pay off a loan. Math can also be fun: you need to understand statistics to create a winning fantasy football team.

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