Financial Accounting Made Fun: Eliminating Your Fears

Offered by: Babson College through edX

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Course Level 1: Beginner

Estimated Study Time: 40+ hours

Course Syllabus

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Balance Sheet and Transaction Analysis
Why do we need financial statements?  What purpose do they serve?
What kind of information is contained in the balance sheet?
How are day-to-day operating decisions captured and recorded?
How are start-up activities (e.g., raising capital, investing in your business) reflected in the financial statements?

Income Statement and Cash Flows
How do sales and operating expenses impact earnings and cash flow?
What are the early warning signs that my business may run out of cash?
Is all growth the same?  What is the difference between good growth and bad growth?

Ratio Analysis
What are the key ratios for evaluating profitability, return on investment, and liquidity or solvency?
How well is my business performing?  How are my competitors doing?
How do different strategies and business models reveal themselves in the financial statements?

How do I translate my growth plans into a forecast of profits and cash flow?
How can a forecast help me manage my business more effectively?
What do potential investors or creditors look for in a forecast?

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