English Grammar – Modal Verbs

Course Level 2: Intermediate

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Estimated Study Time: 1-2 hours

Offered by: Alison

In this course you will learn about Modal verbs and their uses. Through presentations, speaking practice with native speakers and assessment questions, you will improve your knowledge and pronunciation skills.

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In this course you will become familiar with the rules of using modal verbs as well as the different forms used in sentences. You will learn how to structure sentences in the right way using nouns, pronouns, auxiliary verbs and tenses. Modal verbs are used in English to express intentions, ideas, wishes, plans and more.

After successfully completing this course you will be more confident in your understanding and use of modal verbs. Topics covered include: being allowed or able to do something; differences between positive and negative verbs; talking about the past, present and future; sentences about regret and wanting to do something; sentences about being unable and wishing to do something.

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