English Composition 1

Course Title: English Composition 1

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Number of Units: 4

Course Level 1: Beginner

Estimated Study Time: 20+ hours

Offered by: Saylor Academy.

No matter what career you pursue, you must be able to communicate effectively and clearly if you want to be successful. This course will enhance your ability to do so by sharpening your critical thinking and writing skills. You will also begin to value writing as a process – an admittedly difficult one – rather than a product. 


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Course Introduction

Unit 1: Redefining What It Means To Write
Writing as Conversation
Writing as a Process
The PWR (Prewrite, Write, and Revise) Method
The Finishing Touches
Reading to Write: Reading and Writing as Complementary Activities
Grammar Capsule: The Anatomy of a Sentence

Unit 2: Academic Writing
What Is Academic Writing?
The Architecture of an Argument
Audience – the Other
Types of Support
Rogerian Argument and Anticipating Counterarguments
Rhetorical Strategies

Unit 3: Focus, Cohesion, and Style
Choppiness: How to Detect and Fix It
Wordiness: How to Detect and Fix It
Active versus Passive Voice
Word Choice
Grammar Capsule: Sentence-Level Sloppiness

Unit 4: Using The Work Of Others
How to Leverage the Work of Others
Methods for Using the Work of Others
Plagiarism and How to Avoid It

MLA Documentation

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